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Lorenzo Quinn was chosen by the United Nations Climate Change to create a 3-meter version of his monumental sculpture Support for the Climate Change Conference, COP25 in Madrid (2-13 December). The sculpture is a reminder of rising sea levels that threaten Venice and all coastal cities around the world. The installation, commissioned by Halcyon Art International and first unveiled by Quinn at the Venice Biennale in 2017, shows two hands emerging from the Grand Canal in Venice to protect and support the historical building of the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel. The 3-meter-high version of the installation is being brought to COP25 in Madrid to raise awareness for climate change and illustrate humanity’s capacity to damage the environment but also its ability to save it.

‘As an artist, I have always tried to be coherent, and since I believe in helping to build a sustainable world, my art has always reflected this message. Venice, like many cities around the world, is threatened and needs our help and protection. Let’s join ‘hands’ and make a lasting change.’ – Lorenzo Quinn

Given the record floods that hit Venice earlier this month, reaching the highest levels in more than 50 years and leaving the world heritage site sunk in almost two meters of water, Quinn’s alert sounds more urgent than ever. While Support creates a sense of fear in highlighting the fragility of the Venetian building surrounded by water, the hands which hold up the walls of a building remind us of our capability to re-balance the world and address global issues such as climate change.

The 3-meter version of Support will be displayed at the Blue Zone of the COP 25 venue, and three smaller replicas of the sculpture will be on display at the UN Climate Change official pavilion in Hall H.

UN Climate Change Conference, COP25 . (This link opens in a new tab).. (This link opens in a new tab).| 2-13 December in IFEMA – Feria de Madrid, Spain.